How A Healthy Lifestyle Impacts Your Fertility

Diet plays such a big role when it comes to fertility. Here are some specific examples of how a healthy diet & lifestyle will help impact your fertility.


Sperm Health

One of the nutrients that are vital for sperm health is Zinc, but did you know that zinc is also one of the nutrients most people are deficient in. Zinc is responsible for protecting DNA, cell-division as well as testosterone production. Men who have low testosterone levels have all been found to also be deficient in zinc.The problem with zinc is that it is a vital nutrient found in rich soils. Most food grown today is grown in poor soil conditions. Zinc is also sensitive to heat and can be damaged if cooked. So is best to eat zinc rich foods raw.

PCOS & Endometriosis

The number one solution to helping with PCOS is diet. Diet is the most important step someone can take to overcoming PCOS and getting pregnant. PCOS is completely diet related. Studies have shown that there is a connection between red meat consumption and Endometriosis.

Egg Health

Another benefit from eating healthy is that your body is constantly making new cells, everything your body uses to make new cells comes from the foods that you eat. This may have an impact on the health of your eggs.  The food that you eat today is going to be the building blocks for your child.

Anovulation &  BMI (Body Weight)

The concept of weight in relation to fertility is not as cut and dry as you might think. Being overweight or underweight can both have a negative impact on fertility. Some doctors think that as much as 12% of all fertility issues are caused by weight issues. It is not really so much as being thin or skinny, as it is more important to maintain a healthy BMI. This can be a struggle for both those who are overweight as well as underweight.

Do you know what your BMI is? Check it out now!



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